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Make videos from your photos in no time with RealTimes

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Make videos from your photos in no time with RealTimes

Every day we take photos and videos of precious moments. But then they just sit there on our phone ... forgotten. But there are different options for easy sharing our memories, and one of the best is Realtimes, an app that lets you make Realplayer videos in moments.

Today was our colleague Karens last day. So to wish her farewell we decided to go for lunch together, resulting in plenty of pictures. When I came time to share, we grabbed Realtimes and decided to explore all of its options.

Realtimes provides three key components to help manage you photos and videos. Store, view, and share.

First, it is easy to storage your photos and videos with Realtimes, it is possible to store them either on your phone or upload them to Realtimes’s servers. In the free version you have up to 2GB for whatever you need. You can even set Realtimes to back up your videos to the cloud periodically so you never lose your photos.

Second, Realtimes lets you view all of your photos and videos, regardless of their size or format. Whether you are using Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, or even using the web app from a browser or on your TV with Chromecast, it is easy to see, create and share.

Finally, the most interesting function of Realtimes is its ability to create video montages from scratch in just a few automated steps.

Just take a look at the photos we took of Karen's farewell. Realtimes automatically had this video story created for us by recognizing that all the snapshots were taken in the same place and day. Realtimes took a selection of our photos, deleting repeated and blurry shots.

Even at this stage it looks good, but we can improve it will a few easy edits. For example, we decided we wanted a few of the missed pictures in the video, and a different order for them to play in, which we organized in just a few gestures. We can also change the duration of our video and ask again Realtimes remix the story. It also possible to further edit your final video with text, effects, filters, and a multitude of other tweaks and improvements.

In fact, Realtimes has an incredible list of options for image enhancement - even letting us create memes and select the videos type of transitions. By default the app will select a musical backing track from the pre-installed tunes, but it’s also possible to import songs by logging in to iTunes or importing it from your own library.

Once we have perfect tune for the moment is selected all that is left is to share the finished video. You can do this by sending a link via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter or whatever your platform of choice.

With Realtimes you have no excuse for not sharing the photos with all your friends and family!

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