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"Very limited in working video/audio enhancement features, and program appea"

This program has potential, but needs a lot of improvements and updating. Very limited in working video/audio enhancement features, and program appears outdated.

I just paid and Upgraded to Real Player Premium acct, but after seeing all the features is supposed to do in advertising, after going website and support info etc, I still cannot get Realplayer to do much of the options I paid for, 

***Suprisingly, Realplayer cannot even simply add Fade effect to end of each video or Audio played and save adjusted file? Or at least Auto Fade Out all videos after playing on Realplayer Windows and Android? (This one of the main reasons purchased Premium, but cannot get this basic option to work)

I am still also trying to confirm the below options could not find:

**Video Downloading only work with youtube, Daily motion that I tested? ( Not work so far with hardly any other sites. most similiar downloaders/converters, even free ones can easily download from   hundreds, and even thousands of websites.

**Mainly wanted to use Real Player, to access and play all my Mp4 video playlists without lagging, like many people are doing these days,  thru my ANDROID TV BOX 4.4 KITKAT device, from my WIN 7 PRO 64BIT  PC and connected USB Drive, but when testing, Realplayer has bugs, it cannot even view any REAL-P videos downloaded or trimmed uploaded videos, (Black screen blocking videos while they play in REAL-P Android app), uploaded on to android player app, cannot even view to test playback quality & resolution?

**Realplayer android app cannot build or create simple video playlists? Or recognize Video Playlists created in REAL-P Windows PC?Or even play any connected USB external drive videos or playlists like other ANDROID players can?

 --Could not find any Option to Auto correct of video resolution, lighting or (Video sound problems like hissing and feedback, and able to save adjusted video to Mp4?

--Why cannot download and save videos directly to MP4 like others?

--Why no 5.1-7.1 Surr for audio like others? (2.3 out of 5 stars)

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01 Jul 2016

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